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Posters, Advertisements & Other Collectibles

There are probably thousands of different forms of paper ephemera related to the Story of G.I. Joe.  Here are just a few to awaken the senses and memories of a time gone by.

Advertising Poster - Folded Style B Half-Sheet - 1945 (approximately 22" x 28")

Movie Card (these were at the local theatres and about the size of a piece of paper)

Advertising Poster - Half-Sheet - 1945

Movie Poster - 1945 (approximately 41" x 81")

Movie Poster - unk.

Advertising Poster - One-Sheet (approximately 27" x 41") for United Artists

Movie Souvenir Program, 20 pages - 1945

Advertisement from Movie Show Magazine - July 1945 (approximately 10" x 13"  (25 x 33 cm))

Advertisement from magazine - 1945 (approximately 10 1/4" x 13 1/2")

Original Sheet Music (standard size) -- Words & Music by Ann Ronell
Arranged for piano & vocal - 1945 by Picture Music Inc., New York City

Theatre Arts Magazine - September 1945, Story of G.I. Joe - An Excerpt from the Script

Original Publicity Photo - 8" x 10" - 1945.  Numerous styles and types of these photos were sent to newspapers all over the country to advertise the movie.  Some of these have captions printed on the front while others have captions typed on paper and glued to the back of the photos.  On the reverse side is often a stamp or typewritten note saying that the photo is the property "Culver Pictures" in New York and "is loaned for one reproduction only.  It must not be used for advertising without written permission." and that the "Original must be returned within 30 days" after use. 

Photos:  There are quite a few great sources for photos from the movie The Story of G.I. Joe out there.  Hollywood Pictures has a few, but here are a few more:

Photo of Original Movie Screening (lots of signage). 





DVD covers.  Common USA version; Japan version.

Books:  Of course, what started it all was the book -- Here is Your War, by Ernie Pyle.  Numerous editions were published and printed with different covers.  Here are a few: 


1945 Hardcover with Dust Jacket - First Motion Picture ed. - First Printing June 1945; Pocketbook ed. 1944; 1943 ed. Blue Cloth cover with Dust Jacket; paperback by Lancer Books, 1943; paperback reprint, 2004; 1943 print ad for Henry Holt publishers ed. (approximately 14" x 8.25")


Ernie Pyle Photo & Autograph

Books with substantial mentioning of the movie, The Story of G.I. Joe

Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein and John Griggs
The Films of World War II
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1973

Ann Lloyd (editor)
Movies of the Forties
London, 1982

What else is out there?

Do you have an authentic G.I. Joe collectible that is not pictured on the website?  If so, we'd love to hear from you and put a picture of it online.  We also gladly accept donations and for certain pieces we may also be interested in purchasing the item.  Please send us an email  with what you have.  This Online Museum has one of the largest GIJOE paper and historical archives with licensed merchandise as well as unbranded merchandise and items with the generic GIJOE name.